Dispatch Spotlight


This month’s Department Spotlight features the Dispatch team. Dispatching is not for the faint of heart and is a fast paced role that requires excellent problem solving and resolution skills.

A Dispatcher wears many hats, encompassing everything from customer service, driver resources, sales, route planner/scheduler and account management. They are not only looking to put a driver in the best position to be successful but also working to satisfy requirements for both the shipper and for the receivers.

Managing multiple needs can be a juggling act and often hard to deliver on while also meeting important transport deadlines.

Behind every successful driver, is a successful dispatcher and behind every successful dispatcher, is a successful driver. The partnership between the two goes hand-in-hand. Dispatchers want drivers to succeed and they understand it is a collective effort on both sides. Each can equally look to help the other be successful because both are viable roles and one cannot thrive without the other.

The Dispatch Department credits communication and helping each other out in difficult situations as a key to their success with driver satisfaction.  Strong communication is necessary between drivers and dispatchers --- providing accurate information on ETA, PTA, delays and any other issues that may arise. This communication is essential for customer service, problem avoidance and resolution.

The role of a dispatcher can be a moving target. Their responsibilities to the driver can include route changes, driver issues, driver pay, reviewing driver logs, coordinating arrival/departure times, preparing dispatch documents, planning and scheduling drivers on loads, handling challenges when drivers fall off loads due to breakdown, sickness or no-shows. It can sometimes be a scramble for load recovery to ensure our customer needs are still being met even when there is a lack of drivers.  Additionally, dispatchers are often available for contact 24 hours a day in case a driver experiences a breakdown or is involved in an accident.

Dispatchers also have significant responsibilities to our customers, which include freight negotiations, appointment scheduling, customer required reporting, customer communications on freight transit details/delays, customer complaints, special load requirements, OS&D and order entry for payroll and billing requirements.

Storey appreciates and recognizes all of the time and hard work our Dispatch team offers each and every day. Without an effective and efficient Dispatch Department, Storey would not have been able to grow and succeed for over five decades. We are equally thankful to our drivers for understanding the complexity of their roles and assisting Dispatch.

Tina Cisco

Inbound Dispatcher

Tina has been with Storey for 32 years and offers an extensive knowledge of the day-to-day operations within the company. Prior to joining the Dispatch team, Tina worked with driver payroll, permits, tags and fuel tax.

Tina loves her Storey family and the daily interaction with drivers. Building good relationships with each driver is of utmost importance to her.

Tina has lived in Pisgah, AL for over 20 years and enjoys time with her two kids, and three grandchildren. Tina also enjoys collecting antiques and watching movies in her downtime.


Wayne Hawk

Outbound Dispatcher

Wayne grew up working in the produce department at his Dad’s Piggly Wiggly and transitioned into Merchandiser while attending college. Thereafter, Wayne joined a produce brokerage firm in Birmingham and while there he coincidentally worked with Sand Mountain Trucking, which later became Storey Trucking.

Wayne started his own brokerage in 1986 and expanded into the potato industry; which led him to Northern Valley Potato in Steven, MN. During his career with Northern Valley, Wayne was reacquainted with Storey and either packing potatoes for Storey farms or marketing their potato crops. When a position became available with Storey, Wayne did not hesitate to join and has been a valued team member for over 30 years.

Wayne lives in Scottsboro, AL with his wife Sharon and enjoys all things motorcycles, woodworking and Alice Cooper. His 3 children and 6 grandchildren keep him very busy!


Jackie Nichols

Inbound Dispatcher

Jackie has over 18 years of experience within the trucking industry and joined Storey 4 years ago. Her prior experience encompasses safety, dispatch and recruiting.

Jackie oversees all inbound loads from Idaho,Colorado, Montana, Utah and New Mexico and also has much experience with local deliveries at Storey. Jackie lives in Henagar, AL and enjoys reading and spending time with her husband, daughter and 3 stepchildren.


Sharivea Jones

Dispatch Assistant

Sharivea joined Storey in 2020 with previous experience in Residential Dispatch & Sales/Factoring. Her role as Dispatch and Payroll Assistant is vital to the team and keeping both departments running smoothly. Sharivea also handles all IT related work at Storey.  

Sharivea resides in Valley Head, AL with her two boys (10 and 9 years old) and is active with her church and youth ministry.


Lashell Peoples

Local Dispatcher

Lashell joined Storey Trucking in 2020 after 15+ years in the Charter Bus Industry. After wanting to explore and learn new things, Lashell decided to pursue a career within the trucking industry.  

This past year Lashell has proven to be an asset to both the Dispatch and Payroll Departments. Her attention to detail in not only getting the drivers paid accurately and efficiently, but also ensuring that the schedules created work well for both the drivers and for the company is paramount. Lashell oversees the Alabama local market and is based at the Henagar, AL office.  

Lashell enjoys spending time with her husband of 24 years, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. When not working, she enjoys swimming and trips to the beach.


Leslie Gignilliat

Fleet Manager

Leslie has 10+ years within the trucking industry and joined Storey in 2020. Working in Fleet Management for the Chattanooga office, Leslie is constantly looking for ways to streamline internal processes to make it better for drivers and for the overall efficiency of the company.  

Leslie wears many hats in her day-to-day job and enjoys the problem-solving that comes with her position. She enjoys that each day is different and the challenges presented are viewed as opportunities to learn and evolve.  

Leslie lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband and three kids and enjoys traveling, live music and hiking.


Suzanne Barker


Suzanne has over 23 years of experience within the trucking industry and recently joined Storey in August 2021. Suzanne is located at the Chattanooga office and dispatches all drivers under that model.  

Suzanne enjoys helping drivers; which makes her a great fit for this new role.  

She has lived in Chattanooga for 40 years and enjoys spending time with her two boys, taking her dog to the park and thrift store shopping.


Behind every successful driver, is a successful dispatcher and behind every successful dispatcher, is a successful driver.

Dakota Crosslin